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What is SVI Corporate Innovation?

Continuous innovation is absolutely essential for corporations to thrive today. That’s easier said than done if you believe bringing Silicon Valley in-house is the only way to innovate — with all the financial burden and uncertain ROI that comes along with it. SVI Corporate Innovation gives you the chance to see the other side. Here, you leverage the startup technology, talent, training, advice and brand exposure you need to innovate competitively.
You get a complete framework for your corporation, and matchmaking events with startups and informative seminars led by some of the best coaches in the business to complement that.

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Tailored training programs to help you dive into the Silicon Valley ecosystem
Up-to-date access to the latest in new tech
Partnerships with leading startups
Cutting-edge technologies, ripe for investment

Corporate Innovation Seminars

Connect with startups and scout new technologies at our 2-5 day seminars. You can meet your corporation’s specific needs with tailor-made curriculum and work hands-on with leading startups in your industry. Plus, you’ll be able to explore an array of investment and M&A opportunities.

Matchmaking Conventions

Match up with specific technologies, talent and startups that meet your corporation’s strategic needs. Whether you’re ready to invest, acquire or hire, these connections present opportunities for innovation and business development. You’ll attend exclusive conventions to learn, explore and connect with our global network, access the SVI Hub workspace, develop real strategic plans with startups and more.

SVI Corporate Innovation
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Become A Partner

SVI partners receive access to our innovative ecosystem. Contact us to learn which partnership is right for you.

The future of innovation happens here, in the SVI ecosystem:

Join a network of talent in a vibrant workspace where business meets innovation.
SVI Corporate Innovation
Connect with the latest startup technologies, industry leaders and top talent.
SVI Accelerator
Ignite your startup's success with SVI's dedicated one-on-one mentorships.
SVI Business Development
The ultimate BD service in Silicon Valley gives you strategy and transparent execution.
SVI Academy
Move to the next level with action-oriented training, network and resources.